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  • Background Options in Striking MultiFlex
    Background Options in Striking MultiFlex
    StrikingR Documentation: StrikingR allows for backgrounds to be set on a site wide basis for different sections of a page, and it allows a unique body background by webpage.....
  • Header & Navigation Options
    Header & Navigation Options
    StrikingR Documentation: A top widget area that dances to your tune, and a multitude of menu styling options with many special CSS based abilities incl Font Awesome Icons, Subtitles, Multi-Line Menu Items and much more.....
  • Creating Sliders: Part 1
    Creating Sliders: Part 1
    This section introduces the slider options and the custom post method of creating, categorizing and displaying in the 4 built-in sliders.
  • Breadcrumb Options
    Breadcrumb Options
    StrikingR Documentation: Not only does StrikingR have full breadcrumbs ability, but it is customizable by page, one can set a custom breadcrumb string and Rewrite URL for the Portfolio Custom Post Type, and there are special code tweaks in support of Yoast Breadcrumbs, and the combo of Yoast and Woo together in Striking Responsive.